March 22nd- Henrietta, NY
March 27th- Washington, DC
March 28th- Boston, MA
March 29th- New York, NY
April 15th- Columbus, OH
April 16th- Birmingham, AL
April 17th- Nashville, TN



New Album Available Now! 

The time has come.  My new album "South Lima" is now available for purchase in my online store and through Bandcamp (digital download).  You can also get the record at all shows and it will soon be available on iTunes and all other digital outlets.  I'm very proud of this record and I hope you like it.

New Song! 

Check out my new song from my new record that is destined to sell tens of copies!  Listen to "Long Reign" right here or at the bottom of this page in the music player.  Also, check out my blog post about the origins of the song here.  Or don't.  Your call. 

New Record! 

My second solo record will be released on October 8th, 2013.  The album is called "South Lima" and was named after the (very) small town in New York where I wrote almost all of the songs.  It is easily the best second solo record I have ever made.  More info coming soon.